Growing up in Montana-around lakes, rivers, and streams-you can imagine the amount of opportunity there was for kayaking.  Where I grew up, being out on the water and fishing, racing or just swimming was what kids did.

If they could afford it.

It doesn’t matter where you grow up, boats aren’t cheap.  They’re a money suck that some parents just won’t buy for their kids.  It’s the holiday or birthday present that’s just “too expensive” or “too much until you’re older”.

Most of my friends had kayaks.  I was one of the only kids that I knew that their family didn’t have a kayak.  And no, my buddies didn’t have tandem or two person kayaks.  I was usually kind of left out of all that fun unless I could find a friend who wasn’t using theirs and their family parents would trust me enough to borrow their yak.

Eventually I worked my ass off enough at the local grocery store, bagging groceries and stocking shelves, to buy a decent little inflatable kayak.  Sure, some of the other guys made fun of my inflatable…but I didn’t care.  That kayak was my biggest and proudest achievement at the time.

I would opt for an inflatable kayak over “premium, real fiberglass” yak 9 times out of 10.  They’re affordable.  They’re capable.  They’re safe.

I did my best to gather a group of yak angling and paddling maniacs that have great knowledge to help me put this site together and review the products that you see here today.

We do our best to live by the term “experts”. We review quality and affordable inflatable kayaks, canoes, and boats. Only the safest…and if they’re not safe then we tell you that, too. Enjoy the water. Live free. Be safe. Kayaks and Canoes will be there for you.

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