Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 Inflatable Kayak – Product Review

advanced-elements-island-voyage-inflatableAdvanced Elements has a reputation of bringing us the best inflatable kayaks made from the highest quality of material and standards.  One great example would be Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 Kayak.  The product is available in a kit packed with different accessories including two seats, tracking fin, repair kit, manual, duffel bag and the boat.

The reason why we have decided to go and review this particular model is that comparing its features against other brands and models, it is definitely a standout! So, read on to find out more about what our review has discovered about the product.

Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak Features:

The Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 Kayak initially weighs at around 25 lbs.  Which makes it very lightweight and easy to transport.  During our review, we found out that the seat made up of fabric weighs at about 5 lbs, so if you add that to the blow-up boat, it’ll weigh around 30 lbs. The case of the drawstring measure at 37×28 inches and the box dimension is measuring at 25x19x14. During the first time that you are taking the canoe out of the bag, observe how it is folded so you can conveniently store it back to the duffel bag when not in use.


When inflating, it will not be as complex as the other inflatable boats as the instruction provided is very detailed.  It is basically separated into three direct steps; unpack it, unfold it and then inflate it.  But before you inflate it make sure to attach the tracking fin that is provided in the box.  Ensure that the tracking fin is pointing on the rear part of the kayak.  After that, simply insert the fin by pushing it down in order to lock it firmly in place.

advanced-elements-island-voyage-2-inflatableThe Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 Kayak consists of three sections to put air into. You can find it on the surface and two sides. The valve on the lower part of the boat is threaded, and the top Boston valve is kept open for the inflation then it will be tightened after you finish the inflation.  You can immediately deflate the inflatable canoe by loosening the screw found on the base of the connector.

What differentiates the Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 Inflatable Kayak from other AdvancedElements model is the bladder.  If you notice, most of the products has an outer and inner bladder but with the Island Voyage 2, the bladder can be found on the right and left portion.  The next thing you will do after inflating the boat which takes around 40-45 pumps for every side and 25-28 pumps for the surface would be to install the retractable seat.  The seat can be easily attached and will firmly hold with the Velcro strips.  You are free to use it as a tandem or solo inflatable boat.

The Final Verdict

The AdvancedElements Island Voyage 2 Kayak has a rugged and sturdy hull.  It has a 1-PSI construction that adds to its durability and added a new level of protection from punctures.  It may be more expensive than the other blow-up canoe, but you will get your money worthy with this boat from the other models. Hopefully, our review has helped you pick the right model for your future endeavors.


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