Airhead Montana Kayak Review

airhead-ahtk-2-montana-performance-2-personInflatable kayaks are great for camping, vacationing and exploring due to their easy storage and light weight. If you are looking for a good inflatable kayak, then you most likely have heard about the AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana Performance 2 Person boat. This Airhead Montana Kayak offers stability and easy maneuverability in a solid package. It is designed to comfortably accommodate two paddles on moderate white water and lakes.

Main features

Even though portability is likely the major reason people buy inflatable kayaks, some may have reservations due to the wrong perception that these boats are not very durable compared to rigid canoes. Nevertheless, the Airhead Montana Kayak features a strong, heavy gauge PVC construction that makes it very resilient. The outer layer has been covered with UV and water resistant coatings, so durability is not really an issue. This kayak uses a tubular I-beam floor to provide buoyancy, stability and comfort.

Ease of use

The Airhead Montana Kayak is easy to use once you have quickly inflated it. Actually, it will only take a few minutes to inflate all the chambers completely when using a simple hand pump. It also deflates in a couple of seconds when you are through with your expedition and need to store it away.


You will find that the bow and sterns are fixed using heavy duty D-rings, which you can use to securely hold your gear. There is also a handy stretch net inside the bow that provides extra storage options. The inflatable seats have been suitably placed in a central position inside the kayak to offer better stability when paddling. Each seat is adjustable and you can set which incline suits you best, while the mesh pockets offer both paddlers a good way to store items within reach. You also get neoprene elbow guards for a more comfortable ride.


The AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana is a very capable boat that you will enjoy usingIt is easily maneuverable and very responsive due to the four bottom fins which are designed to offer great tracking will creating little drag. This is certainly a quality performance kayak. It also features a 3-air chamber setup that is enclosed completely by a heavy duty 840 denier nylon, which means it can hold air pressure the whole day. The outer cover is made using high visibility and durable orange PVC to ensure safety when kayaking.

Users of the Airhead Montana Kayak have been very impressed by its performance and durability. This inflatable boat is definitely something worth having for any kayak enthusiasts.


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