Bestway Inflatable Boat Review

hydroforce-voyager-1000“Strength and durability” that has always been the primary consideration of every water sport aficionado when purchasing an inflatable boat.  Fortunately, there is a brand in the market that offers both.  Bestway has always provided us with the most desirable inflatable craft.  One perfect example would be the Hydro-Force Marine Pro.  This Bestway inflatable boat review will tackle the features as well as the things that you should know about this inflatable.

Bestway Inflatable Boat Review Feature

The Bestway Marine Pro is constructed using vinyl that is reinforced with 3 ply.  This means that it has an added level of protection against factors that can degrade its credibility such as direct exposure to the UV rays of the sun, petroleum products and other factors that can easily damage the inflatable boat.  This also signifies that the strength and rigidity of the Marine Pro is also top notch compared to the others as stated by most Bestway Inflatable Boat Reviews.  Compared to other which only minimizes the possibility of acquiring damage through punctures, there is no way that you will damage the Marine Pro with claws and sharp sticks since the surface of this inflatable craft is high pressure.

The Marine pro also has a high weight capacity measuring at about 594 lbs.  This is a desirable feature for those people who plan to use this inflatable boat with their family as it can carry 2-3 people.  The craft dimension is around 115x50x18 which simply means that three people riding the boat will feel comfortable.


The Bestway Marine Pro is your all-in-one solution when it comes to your water adventure. Aside from the inflatable boat, you will also get the aluminum paddle measuring at 60 inches.  There is also a duffel bag and air pump which implies that you are ready to take it into your next adventure the moment you receive your product.  Do not worry if you are taking this on a long journey as it is pretty lightweight, weighing only 33.1 lbs.

Based on the upon comments by the customers, it will only take around 10 minutes to fully inflate the inflatable boat using the air pump provided.  By opting for a better air pump, you will be able to inflate it a lot faster.  Deflating it is also easy.  It is also spacious for two adults, and you can still add complete fishing gears and equipments.


Using it in coastal water will not serve as an issue. Different users have attested to the fact that it can withstand the waves.  The only problem about it would be the wind which makes it hard to paddle.  But in case you are looking for an inflatable boat, the marine pro is the best inflatable craft that you can ever think of.


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