Buying a Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Are you hoping to buy a kayak for two people?  Then a tandem inflatable kayak would be highly recommended for you.  But let me remind you first that you should not take this as an option if this is going to be your first time on riding a kayak. Tandem kayak has already cemented their spot in the sports of kayaking; however, it will not be your ideal option if you are just starting the sport.  Here is a rundown of the things that you need to ponder about when buying a tandem kayak.

Things You Need to Know When Shopping For a Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Lightweight and Convenient

As opposed to the heavy tandem kayak with a standard design, the tandem inflatable kayak is significantly lighter.  You will not experience any inconvenience of transporting them with a kayak trailer or carrying them over your head.  However, in order to achieve its convenience and lightweight feature, the most inflatable kayak has to compromise on their durability.  But if you managed to find a high quality inflatable kayak, then you will be able to enjoy all these features including the enhanced durability.  Some of the highly recommended tandem kayak with impeccable durability would be Intex Challenger, Sea Eagle and others.

Not For the Beginner

If you want to improve on your kayak skills, you will not achieve it with the tandem inflatable kayak. Learning curve with this type of kayak is a lot slower.  You will not be able to have the feedback when using the tandem as opposed to getting the solo kayak.  You will immediately notice that you are not doing it right when you are paddling a solo.  By simply changing your paddling technique, you will be able to know if your paddling skills have become better.  When you are using a tandem kayak, it is fairly hard for you to determine if your kayak is not functioning well.  It is also difficult for you to spot any improvement in your paddling in case you alter your techniques.


When it comes to the stability, the tandem inflatable kayak is a lot better compared to the solo kayak.  But one it capsizes, it has a tendency to be immediately filled with lots of water and turning it over poses some challenges.  This is why it is not recommended for rescues.  This type of problem is prevalent in shorter tandem kayaks since shorter kayaks are somewhat restricted in terms of floatation compared to the longer kayak.

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While some of the above lists may serve as a red flag especially for the beginners, it does not necessarily mean that you will not have fun in using it.  We own a tandem inflatable kayak, and we continuously enjoy using it.  When buying tandem kayaks, be sure to carefully consider and search for your option in the market.

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