Classic Accessories Colorado XTS Fishing Inflatable Pontoon Boat Review

classic-accessories-coloradoIf you are a fishing enthusiast, then you definitely understand the importance of having the right gear when planning expeditions. The Classic Accessories Colorado inflatable pontoon boat is designed to help you have the most comfortable time out fishing. It is designed with high quality materials to ensure durability in the most demanding conditions. The design also captures important aspects that make it the perfect fishing boat, meeting most if not all of your requirements.

Read on below to find out more about Classic Accessories Colorado pontoon boat.

Design and Quality

First and foremost we will take you through the design and quality specifications on this inflatable pontoon boat. The frame, one of the most important parts of any boat, is made using powder coated steel for strength and durability purposes. The attached pontoons are made of a tough nylon top and a PVC vinyl bottom portion. Furthermore, the bladders on the boat are made to be both heat and cold resistant.


Zippers attached to the bladders on the inflatable pontoon boat have an internal strap that is meant to prevent snagging. Rot resistant thread is used in making the reinforced critical seams. This high quality build and design ensure that the boat can comfortable hold up to four hundred pounds of gear and the human user combined.


Now let’s take a look at the main features included on this inflatable pontoon boat.


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coloradoStability is a major concern when it comes to any vessel to be used on water. This inflatable pontoon boat comes with a two position integrated anchor system. The main parts of this system include a pulley, cord, and fillable mesh bag. Just in case you need them, a bladder patch kit, removable micro-silt fly patches are also included.

Seating Position

As one of the best products from Classic Accessories Colorado, the boat is designed to offer comfortable seating. It comes with a fold down padded seat and swivel. The seat can be adjusted backwards and forward, to suit your seating position. Furthermore, there are adjustable footrests to accommodate users of different heights. The boat also comes with a pair of stainless steel oars, each of which sits in adjustable oar locks. Finally, the boat also comes with rod holders which allow for the positioning of fishing rods in 6 different positions.


Storage space is integral to any fishing boat. Fishing enthusiasts usually have a lot of gear with them. This inflatable pontoon boat comes with a variety of storage spaces. The main storage spaces include a big wire basket at the back, a pair of insulated drink holders, motor mount and a transport wheel which can be stowed away when not in use.

From the above information, it is easy to determine whether the Classic Accessories Colorado XTS Fishing Inflatable Pontoon Boat is what you need to improve your fishing experiences.


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