Health Benefits of Kayaking for Exercise

Kayaking is a great sport that has been found to have a variety of associated health benefits. It is worth noting that you do not have to go kayaking simply to compete in competitions, you can also do it as a way to exercise different muscle groups in the body. When kayaking for exercise, it is not a must that you physically apply yourself too much. Although white water kayaking is seen as the more physically exertive resulting in more calories burnt kayaking, you can also get the necessary exercising benefits of this activity by simply choosing calm waters in a lake or the sea.

To use kayaking as cardio, you need to first learn the basics; fortunately, you can mater them in a day or two.

Core Strength

Kayaking is one of the best ways to exercise different muscle groups around the core of the body. Rowing actions result in the most calories burnt kayaking since they require the use of different muscles in the arms, chest, back, and abdomen. Since these actions are repetitive, you get to execute a reasonable number of repetitions each time you go out kayaking. It is also important to note that you can use kayaking as a way of exercising the muscles in the lower part of the body as well. It is recommended that you use your feet to change the direction of the kayak from side to side regularly to achieve this.

Cardiovascular Health

Whether you choose the more physically exerting white water kayaking as cardio, or opt for the more relaxed calm water version, you still get the opportunity to raise your heart rate. The exerting nature of kayaking usually makes it possible for you to raise your heart rate and achieve a cardio workout. It is worth noting that canoeists usually have fifty percent more mass in the left ventricle of the heart as opposed to people living sedentary lives.

Burn Calories

If you have been wondering how you can burn excess calories and keep fit, then kayaking is a worthy option. Kayaking can help you burn a reasonable amount of calories in just a few hours. It is estimated that a person weighing about 125 pounds can experience about 300 calories burnt kayaking per hour; multiply this with a number of hours and you can substantially burn fat.

Mental Health

It is also important to note that kayaking has great mental health benefits. Using kayaking as cardio improves cardiovascular health, and makes it possible for the brain to produce chemicals vital in boosting mood and confidence. Additionally, kayaking helps you enjoy the relaxing effect of being at one with nature.

Kayaking as cardio is not just a great way to get a good physical workout but also results in other health benefits as well. So, to learn more just head on over to our main page at :

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