Outdoor Tuff Stinger 3 Review

Outdoor Tuff Stringer 3 is known for its lightweight feature and durability which makes it an ideal inflatable kayak for different water enthusiasts.  You can comfortably glide in the water while enjoying the majestic surrounding in the wilderness or use it to ride the strong rapids of the river.  It weighs only at 25 lbs which make it very easy to store and carry.


outdoor-tuff-stinger-3-otf-2751pk-inflatable-one-person-sportThe Outdoor Tuff has three inflatable chambers that you can easily deflate and inflate within just a minute using any pump.  It is on par with the durability and stability of a regular kayak that is made up of wood or plastic.  The rotatable paddle that comes with the kit measures at about 87 inches and the 2 fins highlights the stability of the inflatable kayak.  There is an HD seat that is made from high quality fabric that can be removed and inflated which can give you more room on the kayak.  It also comes with a splash cover made up of nylon in case you want to stay dry when you are in the water.


When it is inflated, the dimension of the Outdoor Tuff Stinger 3 measures at around 9.1×30.25×13.5 and it can withstand a weight of 275 lbs.  It typically comes with a 1 year warranty on all materials and parts.  A foot pump that you can conveniently use is also included in the inflatable kit.

outdoor-tuff-stinger-3-otf-2751pkThe first outstanding feature of the Stinger 3 would be its durability.  Unlike any other inflatable kayak that will easily deflate one it was punctured, it comes with a 3 level of protection on punctures.  It is made up of PVC which enhances its sturdiness and elasticity.  You will basically get all desired feature of an inflatable kayak combined with the standard kayak.  It is also priced economically compared to other brands of an inflatable kayak.  It is normally sold at around $150-$160.

One of the downsides of the Stinger 3 would be the supplied hand pump.  It is functional, but it forces you to work double time as opposed to the ordinary because of the amount of air it produces.  Mostly, people who buy this type of inflatable product will want to buy a separate pump in order to inflate it easily.

Outdoor Tuff Stinger 3 Verdict

With the low price, durability and comfort that it gives to the water sports enthusiast, this kayak is definitely worth every penny that you will spend.  You will not easily experience any leakage on the Kayak.  The stability of this inflatable kayak is also outstanding, thanks to the fins incorporated with the kayak.  So in case you are looking for a kayak that provides the comfort and function but not the excessive price, this Stinger 3 is perfect for you.


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