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What is a Small Pontoon Boat?

We all know the advantages of pontoons over regular vessels. They’re less expensive to buy and cheaper to insure. They’re lighter, more maneuverable, and easier to transport. They’re durable, and they don’t cause much damage should a collision occur. But there are added advantages to purchasing small pontoons as opposed to some of the larger models. Obviously, they tend to be cheaper, but there’s much more to it than that.


1. Good for beginners

Small, compact vessels are perfect for people who don’t have much experience with boating. If you’re just starting out and you’re not sure if this is going to turn into a long-term hobby, get a mini pontoon, and practice maintaining, using, and handling it. After you try it out for a while, you can then decide whether or not to move on to a larger, more advanced type of watercraft.

2. Perfect for lakes that have restrictions

If you’re new to boating, you may be surprised how many lakes and other bodies of water enforce restrictions on what types of vessels may enter. Some allow no gas-powered vessels at all, which makes perfect conditions for a small vessel with electric propulsion. Also, some lakes have restrictions on the level of horsepower that can be used. Small rafts have such low horsepower that they’ll easily meet any of these requirements.

3. Best for small bodies of water

Some lakes and ponds are so small that it’s downright unreasonable to try to use a full-sized raft of any kind on them. But in these cases, small pontoons can make perfect sense. Using one in a small lake can actually be a great way to get some boating experience, train kids, or just to have a fun time without going far.

4. Easy handling

Compared to larger vessels, mini barges are incredibly easy to maneuver. Particularly for beginners to the craft, larger water vessels and other types of rafts can take extensive training and practice, which can really hamper the experience. Operation of smaller pontoon vessels is so easy to learn that almost anyone can do it.

2-girls-on-a-vessel5. Ideal for couples or small families

Let’s say it’s just you and your spouse, and maybe you have a dog. Why spend the money on a larger raft that takes more power and is harder to transport, when you can get all the room you need from a smaller-sized vessel? You’ll probably find the mini raft to be sufficient and actually quite cozy.

6. Small size and light weight

The size of a small water vessel comes in handy for many reasons. For one thing, it’s easier to store. If you have a little extra room in your garage or even in your backyard, you can put it there, and it will hardly get in the way. Also, the size makes it easier to haul around, even with a mini-van or a smaller type of sports utility vehicle. This way, if you decide on a whim that you want to head out to the lake, it only takes you a few minutes to hook the raft up to your vehicle, get everything you need, and go have fun.

Sweetwater Pontoon Boats:
Versatility, Value, & More

Looking for Sweetwater boats on sale or do you want to read reviews of these fabulous vessels?

Read our reviews and see which brands have good ratings, and at a discount.

Godfrey Marine – Product Options:

group-of-people-on-a-watercraftThe Sweetwater Pontoon Boats brand, made by the innovative Indiana-based Godfrey Marine company, has been providing people with fun boating options for over 50 years. From light-weight cruisers, to functional fishing models, to high-class luxury pontoons for large family get-togethers, Sweetwater pontoon vessels meet all the recreational water activities needs you could possibly imagine. They’re also very upgradable, are made of the highest quality materials, have top-notch safety features, and come with some of the best maneuvering technology on the market today.

Unlike some of the other top raft brands, Godfrey Marine offers both luxury options and smaller, more affordable options. All three main lines of Sweetwater boats—the Cruiser series, the Fish series, and the Tuscany—are made in all different sizes and are highly customizable. These are not the most expensive ones that you will find but they are definitely top quality when it comes to high performance ratings.

Many people that have reviewed this product online have given it top ratings for almost all their branded models, so it is a good idea to get one of these top of the line products if you are looking to buy a mini watercraft for you and your family.

1. Cruiser Series (Small models)

The Rear Entry and Deluxe Cruiser series starts with small models such as the SW 1986 RE3, which has enough seating for about 4 or 5 people, or a weight capacity of about 1300 pounds. This type of small raft is perfect for a couple or anyone who doesn’t have a lot of experience maneuvering water vessels. The horsepower is relatively small and the raft weight light, which makes the raft easy to steer and perfect for smaller bodies of water.

And then there is the SW 2586, one of the larger models of Sweetwater vessels. With a seating capacity of 15, it has a horsepower of up to 220, which makes it one of the most powerful rafts on the market. You can get it with a pilot seat, a ski tow bar, a field ladder, and even an entertainment center.

2. Fish Series (Fishing models)

The Fish series of Sweetwater pontoon boats comes with several special features to make your day-long outing go smoothly. It comes with several storage compartments, a secure locker for your fishing rods, rod holders, and special aft seats for you to relax will waiting for a bite. While with all these features the Fish series may not travel as fast as some other lines, these models have good horsepower with solid maneuverability and plenty of available upgrades.

a-group-on-a-luxury-raft3. Tuscany Series (Luxury models)

Finally, there’s the Tuscany series, which have been described as “entry-level vessels” that don’t skimp on quality. Basically, the Tuscany series offers both fishing and cruising rafts, but they’re specially designed for people who either don’t have a lot of in-the-water experience or don’t want to have to worry too much about the intricacies of driving and steering.

Sweetwater Accessories

The optional accessories that come with Sweetwater watercrafts especially make them stand out from other companies. For example, you can choose from several different types of canvas covers and canopies for privacy and shade. You can also get things like a grill, an electronic depth and fish finder, movable seats, cupholders, cooler tables, mp3 units, life vest bags, and fixed ladders to make it easy to climb in and out of the water.

But the best thing about Sweetwater pontoon boats is the high-quality materials that go into the design. When you combine this with these pontoons’ value and up-to-date safety features, Godfrey Marine makes a convincing case for Sweetwater vessels to be among the best rated brands on the market.

Different Pontoon Boat Accessories

1. Seats

Pontoon Vessel Seats are easy to find online.

Read our reviews and discover which brand to get yours for less on the internet.

Guide to Pontoon Boat Seats: Luxury Boating at Discount Prices

If you’re in the market for a water vessel, are building one on your own, or are just trying to make some repairs or upgrades, buying pontoon seats can be a daunting task. Most importantly, they have to fit the exact dimensions of your ship deck, but they also have to blend in with the other design elements and match your aesthetic tastes. Fortunately, when you actually start shopping for boat seats brands, you’ll find that each general category of seat comes in practically all the color designs you could want, and they also come in all shapes and sizes.


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